• Grown and finished to exact specifications
  • Non-linear optical crystals, laser crystals
    for laser and more
  • Superior products delivered consistently
    and on-time
Glass Optics
  • Precision glass optics, components and
    optical sub-assembly
  • High surface quality and tight tolerance
  • Multiple coatings are finished
Fiber Optics
  • Percision fiber optics components
  • Custom, specialized optical sub-assembly
  • High quality laser coatings
  • Mirror and filter coatings
  • Complex multilayer dielectric
    stacks and AR/HR coatings
Glass Components
  • Standard and custom technology glass products
  • Glass ferrules, sleeves and substrates in multiple
    size, materials and finishes
  • Custom manufacturing from micro-tubing to
    100mm/10cm cross-sections

Crystals Glass Optics Fiber Optics Coatings Glass Components

Casix designs, grows, manufactures, and supplies high quality crystal and precision optics products, lenses, coatings, and precision glass solutions for optical communications, instrumentation, semiconductor, LIDAR, physical and life science applications.

ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001-certified, Casix leverages state-of-the-art quality practices and equipment for all processes from crystal-growth and optics fabrication through sub-assembly operations.

2012 CASIX obtained ISO 13485 management system for medical devices from SGS and FDA registered, registration number 3008133259.

Casix reached automotive certification IATF 16949 in 2018 successfully.

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New High Power Free Space Isolator

An optical isolator, or optical diode, is an optical component which allows the transmission of light in only one direction. It is typically used to prevent unwanted feedback into an optical oscillator, such as a laser cavity.
The operation of the devices depends on the Faraday effect (magneto-optic effect) in a Garnet Crystal and crossed polarizers. Read more »

Installation and ramp up of Molded Glass lens Production line finished in 2020.

To support high volume demand of aspherical lenses Casix further invested in Glass lens molding technology in 2019 and throughout 2020. Now we are well equipped with tooling, testing and manufacturing equipment for high volume demand. Please read our Glass Molded Lens flyer for more information Read more »

CASIX just received IATF16949:2016 cerficate as the enclosed

Read more »

Expanding Coating       Capabilities

Casix now supports higher precision, high threshold damage coating for high power optic lasers as well as increased production capacity for laser components. Our new in-house Ion Beam Sputtering VEECO coater and Optorun IAD coaters and experienced staff support these capabilities and more.. Learn more »

Extended Aspherical Lens Production

High Power and Low Absorption Aspherical lens production line capacity doubled in 2018 by adding a second CNC Machine set. Also aspherical production capability improved due to extended dimension range of up to 200 mm diameter and full 3D topography metrology for correction polishing to reach nearly perfect fit. Read more »