• Grown and finished to exact specifications
  • Non-linear optical crystals, laser crystals
    for laser and more
  • Superior products delivered consistently
    and on-time
Glass Optics
  • Precision glass optics, components and
    optical sub-assembly
  • High surface quality and tight tolerance
  • Mulitple coatings and finished
Fiber Optics
  • Percision fiber optics components
  • Custom, specialized optical sub-assembly
  • High quality laser coatings
  • Mirror and filter coatings
  • Complex multilayer dielectric
    stacks and AR/HR coatings
Glass Components
  • Standard and custom technology glass products
  • Glass ferrules, sleeves and substrates in multiple
    size, materials and finishes
  • Custom manufacturing form micro-tubing to
    100mm/10cm cross-sections

Crystals Glass Optics Fiber Optics Coatings Glass Components




March 09 - 11, 2021
CASIX Booth#: 3464
San Francisco, California, USA

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我们的RGB combiner是将三种基本的颜色(红,绿和兰色)组合在一起产生,通过适合的调制器,如LCD或者LCOS,将其变成我们想要的可见光输出。入射光是S偏振光或者P偏振光,有或者没有光锥角都是可以的,CASIX RGB Combiner可以用于显示投影仪,激光电视和手机投影仪。 想要了解更多请点击。。 了解更多 »