Nd:YAG Crystals

Nd:YAG crystals are the most widely used solid state laser materials today. Casix offers Nd: YAG rods with high optical homogeneity, consistent performance, high processing accuracy and on time delivery. A variety of specifications and sizes from φ3 x 0.5mm to φ12 x 150mm are available.


Dopant Concentration 0.4atm% - 1.1atm%
Orientation ±0.5° ±0.5°
Wavefront Distortion λ/8 λ/10
Extinction Ratio 28dB 30dB
Dimension Tolerance Nd:YAG Rod:Dia±0.025, L±0.25mm
Nd:YAG slab: ±0.01mm
Nd:YAG Rod:Dia±0.025, L±0.25mm
Nd:YAG slab: ±0.01mm
Ends Finish Surface Figure λ/8 End finish
Surface Quality 20-10 scratch and dig 10-50 scratch and dig
Perpendicularity 15' 5'

Anti-Reflective Coating

Single layer MgF2 coating with high damage threshold for high power laser operations.

Reflectivity R<0.1%@1064nm per surface. Damage threshold over 750MW/cm2@1064nm, 10ns and 10Hz.

High-Reflective Coating

Casix offers standard HR coatings with R>99.8%@1064nm and R<5%@808nm, as well as HR coatings such as HR@1064/532nm, HR@946nm, HR1319nm and other wavelengths.

Standard Products in Stock

Standard Nd:YAG laser rods with dimensions of Φ3x5mm and Φ4x50mm with AR or HR coating for Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers are ready for immediate delivery.

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