Ferrules and Sleeves

Our sister company, VitroCom, manufactures ultra high-quality precision glass ferrules and alignment sleeves for the fiber optic market. These products are available in a variety of materials, including borosilicate and clear fused quartz glass and different finishes. These custom made ferrules are produced to customer specifications utilizing proprietary technology and processes. We can produce a variety of ID configurations to tolerances of +/-0.001mm in some cases. Just a few of the possibilities are shown on this page, as VitroCom’s ability to customize products is extensive. We offer a variety of lead-in configurations as shown below. We can also work with custom designed lead-ins.

Alignment sleeves are precision drawn products made to customer specifications for aligning ferrules and lenses. Available materials include clear fused quartz glass and various types of Borosilicate glasses and soft glasses. The inner and outer diameters can be held to 0.005mm.

ferrule and sleeves

A=Overall Length ± Tolerance
B=Lead-in Depth ± Tolerance
C=Counter Sink Depth ± Tolerance
D=Lead-in Diameter ± Tolerance
E=Counter Sink Diameter ± Tolerance
F=Outer Diameter ± Tolerance
G=Inner Diameter ± Tolerance
H= Spacing Distance ± Tolerance

attribute commercial high precision
Substrates Material Borosilicate or clear fused quartz
Overall Length Tolerance ±0.2mm ±0.05mm
Outer Diameter 0.5, 1.0, 1.6~2.2mm Some special diameter or square ferrule
Outer Diameter Tolerance ±0.005mm ±0.003mm
Inner Diameter Tolerance ±0.002mm ±0.001mm
Spacing Distance Tolerance ±0.002mm ±0.001mm
Surface of lead-in end Cutting surface Fire-treatment surface
Chip on lead-in edge <0.4x1.0x0.4mm <0.1x0.4x0.1mm

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