With advanced coating machines and highly- experienced coatings engineers, Casix can provide a variety of standard and custom manufactured coatings. We have 23 coating machines onsite and are continually adding new capacity and capabilities.



Ion Beam Assist Deposition (IAD) coater

Our IAD coater uses e-Beam for evaporation with Ion assist for deposition. We have 8 on-site IAD machines and recently added an Optrun IAD coater to increase our coating capacity and allow us to make filters in the far infrared range of up to 9um.

Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) coater

Our IBS coater allows us to deposit very high quality coating such as 99.99% reflectivity as well as coating with high Laser Threshold Damage, such as 25J/cm2. ( 50J/cm2 for HR coating @ 1064nm ).